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tango, sensual and fine art photography

lavatop tango
The essence of tango in photos.

lavatop sensual
Sensuality in landscape and the human form.

fine art prints
Handmade gum bichromate art.

lavatop journal
Periodic snapshots of occasional, seasonal, or unexpected events.


Prices, Privacy and Permissions

Personal Use:

Personal use of web-sized images of yourself is permitted on your own Facebook page or similar non-advertising social networking uses, with copyright watermark intact.

High resolution digital files for printing for personal use can be purchased for 1000 ISK or 10 EUR each, which can be paid by bank transfer (for local customers) or Paypal (international customers). Please email me with the gallery name and file number to order.

Commerical Use:

Please contact me for permission and prices for any advertising or publication rights.

Gum Bichromate Prints:

These are unique handmade prints using a historical process on high quality fine art paper. See my fine art website for more information and examples of this type of work. Prices range from 250-600 EUR, depending on size and complexity.

Contact Info:

Phone: +354 692 0134
Email: laura at lavatop.com

More about usage and privacy:

I do not sell these photos to 3rd parties without obtaining permission from the subjects first, except for editorial coverage of an event - and even then I will probably let you know :)

Usually, the people I photograph at public events are happy to have me do so and enjoy seeing the posted pictures. However, if anyone does not want their image displayed on these pages for any reason, please let me know and I will be happy to take it down. Thanks!


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